If You're not Using Google Chrome's Permanent 'Mute Site' Feature, You're Abusing Chrome Potentials

Sometimes in January, Google Chrome started rolling out an
update with a lot of new features, including the ability to permanently mute sites that automatically play annoying videos every time you visit.

Google Chrome users can now
right-click on a tab and select “Mute Site” to make sure that the
site never plays sound.
You can also click on the padlock on
the left end of the address bar, scroll down to “Sound,” and select
“Block.” I found that sites would remain muted even when I visited
them in an incognito tab, which means only clearing out your cache would undo
the site-wide mute.

Though, I’m not an avid user of Google chrome despite the
fact that statistics recorded Chrome as being the most used browser of all time;
I always find myself getting back to FireFox Quantum and I’m loving it. A day
without using FireFox Quantum is like a day without surfing through the

Previously on Chrome, there was the option to mute
individual tabs, but that fix was temporary; if you closed the tab or browser,
the settings would revert to their defaults, and you’d continually need to mute
the tab.

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One thing we are always sure of is that Google Chrome
updates is not all about bug fixes or security updates but this definitely is
worth it, and makes your browsing experience superb. If you are using Chrome
without making use of the “mute site” feature then you are under using Chrome
browser, you are also under utilizing Chrome potentials.

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