Google Allo on the web will soon work without phone requirement

Mar 12 AT 3:21 PM
Evan Selleck


Back in August of last year, Google officially rolled out a web app for its messaging platform, Allo. While that did add a bit of oft-requested functionality to the messaging platform, it still required a phone to work properly. That means the handset not only needs to be turned on, but it also has to have a data connection. But it looks like that’s changing soon.

Justin Uberti, the lead engineer of the Google Duo team, recently posted on Twitter (by way of Android Police) that Google is in “the process of migrating the backend system to support completely independent devices”.

Here’s the tweet:

Allo has been adding features since its debut, but it’s still lacking in some areas, including having a presence on the web that doesn’t have any arbitrary requirements.

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Do you use Google Allo?

Via: Android Police

Source: @juberti

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