5 Tips for Managing Your Email Better

The art of optimally managing email  is one that’s important enough to us that we’re devoting today’s blog post to it. This is because managing your email has become an important part of modern work and running a startup.

Of course, almost everyone has an email these days, but most people still do not know how to properly manage their inboxes. As a matter of fact, some people complain that email is one of their greatest sources of distractions. You must not let your email run over your life.

Remember, it’s supposed to be a tool , but if you’re feeling overwhelmed and want a clean inbox, here are tips to help you manage the ever-growing mountain of email:

Process your email once a day

Set aside a daily time slot to process your emails, either at the beginning of the day or in the evenings. If you don’t finish in the time slot, continue the next day. Prioritize the more important ones and let go of the rest. Practicing this habit, raises your productivity tremendously.

If you are in a working-level position where you get a lot of time-sensitive emails, you can still put this into practice.


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Have a “reply by xx day” folder

File the mail that needs your reply in a “Reply by XX Day” folder, where XX is the day of the week. You can set aside 3 days every week to reply to emails This way, you’re not pressured to reply immediately you get the mail. Read the mail, mentally acknowledge it, and think over it until it’s time to reply.

You can make ‘reply day’ an average of 3-8 days from receipt of the mail.


Understand you don’t need to reply every mail

Despite what you think, you don’t need to reply to every mail. When you get a high volume of  mails, and you reply each one of them, you’ll realize that by the end of the day, you’re drained out and unable to do any real work. Don’t stress too much about replying to every single mail.

Reply if it helps, but if the costs of replying do not outweigh the benefits, then maybe it’s not worth worrying about. Just let it be and things will sort themselves out through time.


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Read only relevant emails

You don’t need to read every single mail that comes in. Pick and select what’s relevant to you. You probably subscribe to newsletters on different websites and get emails from blogs and article feeds. You could re-route these to another email address, or set it in a way that they’re instantly delivered to a particular folder.

This will help keep your primary inbox clear, and they’ll be in one place, ready to be read at a convenient time.


Unsubscribe from things you don’t read

While cruising around the web, you probably sign up for a fair share of newsletters and feeds on impulse but lose interest in them afterward. Do you receive newsletters that you didn’t sign up for in your inbox every single day?

If you find yourself repeatedly deleting the mail from your subscriptions, it’s a cue that you should just unsubscribe immediately. This will help to free up your inbox and save more of your time.


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Did you find these tips helpful? Share your thoughts in the comments section below!

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